Monday, April 26, 2010

Right Start Math Activity

Believe it or not, we have finished Right Start Level A, and are starting in on Level B now. This little activity was in one of the first lessons of Level B as sort of a review for children moving from A to B. Little Bean had no problem completing this activity, and in fact it quite intrigued him, so I thought I'd post about it here.
To do this activity you need: exactly 55 tally sticks (wooden craft sticks) and basic number cards 1 through 10. The child is to lay out the tally sticks to represent the numbers on the cards. If laid out correctly, the child will use all the tally sticks. Little Bean kept saying that there was no way he'd use such a large pile of sticks to complete the activity. It wasn't until he got to setting up nine and ten that he finally realized that indeed he would use all the sticks.


Unknown said...

That is great! My son loves hands on math stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Corina said...

Cool!! What a simple, yet fun activity....thanks for sharing!

The Mom I Want To Be said...

We'll be starting Level A for next school year. I'm really looking forward to it, thanks to your inspiration!

Lea said...

Great activity!

I have a question for you that is off topic, if you don't mind. I am wondering how far along Little Bean was with learning to read when you started All About Spelling. I recently bought AAS at the Midwest Homeschool Conference and, after looking at it, I am concerned it might confuse the boys if I start it now. What was your experience with this? Thanks!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

This looks really fun - thanks for the idea. My daughter is "not getting" tally sticks, but this might help greatly.

Miller Moments said...

What a great activity! I would never have thought of this.

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