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Review AND Giveaway--Kid Companions Chewelry

*Stay tuned for a giveaway of this wonderful product at the end of this post!*

Many children seem to crave oral stimulation and they often meet this need in any way that they can--chewing their shirt sleeves or collar, mouthing toys, or biting their fingers or hands. Little Bean, my five year old, is one such child. After recognizing that his need to chew wasn't just a bad habit, but an actual sensory need, I began the search for something more sanitary for him to chew on.

A little research landed me on the website for Kid Companions, a family-owned company that markets safe, bpa, phthalate, pvc, lead and latex-free chewable jewelry and fidgets for children who chew. Kid Companion chewelry is great for children with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders or related issues. They are also appropriate for any child who has a need to chew.

Each necklace comes with a colorful lanyard made of 100% organic cotton (or choose an un-dyed lanyard), and a built in "break away" chain, making it very safe for your child. The lanyards come in both 18 inch or 20 inch lengths to accommodate the size of your child. For children who prefer it, Kid Companions also sells their fidgets in a clip on variety rather than as a necklace.

Each fidget comes in either or a heart or circle shape and in a variety of colors to suit your child's preferences. Designed for children and teens, these attractive necklaces are very discreet and stylish, and yet very functional at the same time.

Kid Companions also offers labeling. You can list your child's name/contact information on the lanyard, allergy information, or any other important information for a small fee. You can also add cute logos to the lanyard, like a butterfly or a soccer ball. One necklace sells for $17.49 (Canadian dollars).
I contacted Kid Companions and they were gracious enough to send me one of their chewable necklaces for review. Little Bean chose a blue circle, and I chose to get the un-dyed lanyard, since he does tend to chew fabric. The necklace arrived very quickly and had his name fused to the lanyard.

We were very pleased with this product. Little Bean is able to take it on and off by himself, and it has almost completely eliminated his habit of chewing on his hands, toys, and clothing. The times that I have seen him chewing on other things, I am able to easily redirect him to the necklace. We couldn't be more satisfied with this product. It makes me feel good to know that the Kid Companion chewelry is completely non-toxic and safe for him to chew on. A bonus is that his necklace is stylish and discreet, so he can wear it in public and not draw attention to himself. Often, he slips it into his shirt and only takes it out when in use, but it does look like just a piece of jewelry, so this isn't necessary. I highly recommend this product and most likely will be buying more in the future.

Now for the exciting part! Kid Companions has agreed to a giveaway of one of their great products! YOU get to choose the color and style yourself--either a necklace or clip-on fidget, and your desired color and shape!

Here's how to enter:

1) Mandatory entry: Visit the Kid Companion website and decide which color and style you would choose if you were to win this giveaway. Come back and leave a comment telling what features you would choose. Be sure to leave your contact information (email) in your comment.

2) For a second optional entry, blog about this giveaway, directing your readers back to this post. Come back and leave the direct url to your post about this giveaway. If you do not blog, but want a second entry, post about this giveaway on a message board that you frequent, directing them to this post. Then come back and leave a comment with the direct link to the post you have made about my giveaway. If you do not know how to do this, contact me and I will help you! Be sure to leave your contact information in this entry as well.

This giveaway will run from December 8th, 2010 to December 15th, 2010. Up to 2 entries per person. I will close the comments on the night of the 15th and choose a random winner the following day. I will contact you if you won the giveaway and then send your order and address information directly to Kid Companions who will ship directly to you. I will also post on my blog about the winner. If you fail to leave contact information in your comment, I will choose a different winner. If you fail to respond to me within 3 days of my contacting you, I will choose a different winner. If you do not leave a direct link (link to your exact post) for your second entry to either your blog post or message board post, I will not include that entry in the giveaway.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was given and all opinions are mine.


Hartley said...

We love our Chewlery! My youngest wears a black one around the house, it has been great to help stop the habit of biting on his hand.

Thanks for sharing such a great resource!

Hartley Steiner
Award winning author of
This is Gabriel Making Sense of School
@ ParentingSPD

~Amie~ said...

Oh my...I have never seen these, but love them! My oldest ds (10 almost 11) chews on everything..ruins even his favorite toys. I would love to try one of these.

Karen said...

How cool! I'd never heard of these before. We are in the process of moving and do not have an address for a few weeks, so I can't enter. However, I will be getting one of these for my son once we do get settled. Thank you for sharing!

My Little Man said...

This looks perfect for my son! He is 4 years old with pdd-nos. He still likes to lick and chew things and he chews apart his lips. He has a T chewy but loses it because there is no way to attatch it to his body!

I would chose the blue heart with a dye free lanyard.

Kayla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kayla said...

Sorry my computer froze.... I would like the pink heart necklace for my little daughter, she is a nail bitter!

contact kevinkaylaarrowood @ yahoo dot com

Stephanie said...

We love the Chewelry too! My daughter is 4 1/2 and loves to chew pencils, her nails, whatever... We'd love the yellow heart necklace.

Sam said...

Wow! This chewelry looks fabulous.
I have been looking for a product like this for my son Salvatore. He is 11 and has Asperger's syndrome. He constantly chews on his fingers, pencils, and the tops of his shirts. Not only is it an embarrasment for him to walk around with a wet shirt now that he is in middle school, it also costs me a lot of money to replace the shirts with the holes in them.
I think he would really like the round, black chewelry with the black or white lanyard. It looks really cool, definately something a middle schooler could wear.
Brooke G

CaptJack10808 said...

These are pretty cool.

I would love the blue heart w/blue lanyard for my son. I'd also like to put his name on the string and possibly "dairy allergy" too.

Michelle said...

These look cool! I would choose the organic cotton (undyed) lanyard with the blue circle ~ I like that it has a break away chain, too.

my email is in my profile~ thanks for the chance to win! :-)

Trish said...

Ooo, I've looked at these before! I'd love something like this, just can't do it right now, hubby's out of work.

Our sensory child is ALWAYS putting things in her mouth! And I need to get her something like this.

I'd pick the pink heart, organic cotton lanyard. She loves pink and hearts are sweet. If there's opportunities for allergy info I'd put all her allergies - or at least top ones.

e-mail is admin @ website. Thanks.

The Crazy Mom said...

I have a shirt chewer and a finger sucker! Both boys so I'd like black, round with the dye free cotton. :)

SabinJayne said...

My 7 yr old is on the Autism spectrum, we have had one of these before and it was very well used. We took it on a trip to Disneyland and I have to say it was a life saver :) My son used it a lot, it really helped to calm him down when there was a lot of extra stimulation and kept him chewing on something safe and not everything else he would find to chew on! I would pick the blue circle!

Thank you for doing this, whoever wins will love it :) Jayne Gautreau

Jennifer said...

I have a daughter with SPD, and I just learned about Chewelry a few days ago. I would love to win a necklace for her. I would like to get the pink heart necklace for her---possibly with an undyed lanyard because she chews fabric too. (That's another reason I don't like winter. The cuffs of her sleeves are always wet and stretched out from the chewing!)

Thank you for the opportunity to enter!


Annette W. said...

Okay...first, I'm not sure I should enter this giveaway...but the Chewlery would be used! My son has the desire to chew, but he doesn't have SPD or "real" sensory issues...he just chews his fingers, coat, shirt...whatever he can find.

I like the blue circle best for him.

Steph said...

The pink heart would get plenty of use around here!

emilyah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
emilyah said...

Our 3 year old has begun chewing his shirt collars and this may solve our frustration. I would choose the blue circle with an undyed lanyard. eallred{at}gmail{dot}com

Momma Chaos said...

My youngest could really use this. He has oral sensory issues. He chews on everything- his hands, clothes, zippers, toys.. Anything that can fit in his mouth, he'll chew on (except food! ha!).

I would pick the black circle w/ a break away safety lanyard & would love to get his name on it as well!

Jodi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jodi said...

I think we would opt for the Blue Circle with an undyed lanyard... little boy blue I believe it's called.

Chewelry has been amazing for us... so glad we found it.

Jodi said...

Umm Yehiya said...

i think my son would really love & benefit from this. I would choose the black circle Kid Companion chewelry with 18" lanyard.

thanks for the opportunity!

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