Monday, January 5, 2009

About My Two Happy Homeschoolers

Thanks for stopping by My Two Happy Homeschoolers! I started this blog when my kids, Little Bean and Miss O were preschool-aged, as a way to document all the fun things were were doing together at home and as a family.

At My Two Happy Homeschoolers you can expect to find:

--lots of fun, easy, and developmentally appropriate preschool crafts and activities (preschool stuff will be in the archives)

--unbiased, unpaid reviews of great products/websites/curriculum that I or my kids love (I am a part of the The Old SchoolHouse Homeschool Review Team)

--weekly Tot School posts, featuring my 3 year old, Miss O (these are now discontinued as we have moved on to a more formal school time using Sue Patrick's workbox system, but please feel free to browse the archives labeled Tot School

--weekly posts about our school time using Sue Patrick's workbox system (now discontinued, as these were too much work to keep up. We do still use the basic system though)

--updates on our progress as we raise two homeschooled children (a Kindergartener, and a six year old 2nd grader with Autism Spectrum Disorder) in a Christian environment

--and...any other information I think may be interesting or helpful to you, my readers!

A little about us:

I'm Jennifer: I graduated from a private, Christian university in California with a bachelor's degree in Intercultural Studies, a minor in Bible and an emphasis in Elementary Education. Shortly after graduating, DH and I had our first child. Fifteen months later, our second was born, and I have been a stay at home mom ever since. DH works full time for a manufacturing company, and and just recently got his degree in Organizational Leadership (ie business).

Our oldest, "Little Bean", is 6, and is doing 2nd grade work. He is a very inquisitive child. His favorite pass time is reading, and his favorite series is Magic Tree House. He also loves to make new "inventions" with scrap paper and glue--one of his latest was a pair of "ice skates!". Little Bean also has high-functioning autism, so you will find a lot of posts related to that on this blog as well.

Next comes "Miss O". Miss O is 5, and is a curious, adventurous little girl. She is always interested in trying new things, and is quite a sweet and compassionate child. By far, Miss O's favorite pass time is playing with her dolls. She also loves to color and do anything crafty. Miss O is now learning to read, she can write all her letters, and is doing basic math. All of her school time is on her terms though, as she is not quite ready for a formal school time each day.

Our family: As a family, we have a dream of living and working overseas, serving the urban poor in Asia. DH grew up as a missionary kid, spending a good part of elementary school and all of high school living in China. His passion for serving the poor in developing countries has poured out on our whole family, and we hope and pray that the time will come for us to dedicate our lives to serving others overseas in a missionary capacity. For now though, we are spending our days raising two lovely children, learning all we can about autism in order to help our son, and welcoming children into our home as foster parents through the state of Oklahoma.

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I'm glad you are here, and hope you enjoy your time checking out My Two Happy Homeschoolers!

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