Tuesday, January 13, 2009

B is for Button, Among Other Things!

For some reason I had a ton of "B" projects floating through my head last week. We were supposed to be working on "A", but ended up doing a bunch of "B" activities. Here's one of them: "B" Button Mosaics.

What you do: Draw the letter B on a piece of cardstock or heavy paper (with all the buttons you add, the paper needs to be heavy to support the weight of the buttons). Let your child spread glue all over the B, or if they are too little, spread the glue yourself. Your child can then place buttons all over the B. Our's turned out really cute! I decided to cut around the shape of the B and hang it on our playroom wall. Underneath I have been tacking up some of our other "B" projects from this week.
This is a really great activity for fine motor skills development. The kids also really enjoy inspecting the different shapes, sizes and textures of each button. They delighted in the teeny tiny buttons and the giant shiny ones. We noticed how some buttons have two holes and some have four. We dug through the pile of buttons to find like colors. We decided which buttons would fit in a tight space and which would not. There are so many little details that you can bring up with your child to discuss and ponder as they search for just the right button to glue on their precious "B"s. Didn't these just turn out adorable??

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