Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kool-Aid Paint

Here's another really wonderful sensory activity--homemade Kool-Aid paint. This recipe is a simple, no-cook recipe, so even a 2 or 3 year old child can help you make it. The Kool-Aid makes the paint smell oh so delicious too. My kids loved this activity.

Here's how you make it: Simply squeeze some non-toxic white children's glue like Elmers into a container. Then sprinkle in some Kool-Aid powder and mix. The paint colors are so vibrant and fun when you use this recipe. And the Kool-Aid makes it smell so nice! Don't worry, if you use non-toxic glue, it's perfectly safe for your little ones to enjoy smelling this fruit scented paint. The paint will dry with a unique silky texture too, one your children are sure to enjoy touching.

We used Q-tips to apply our paint and made these pretty little balloons for our playroom wall. The kids enjoyed doing these so much, I quickly drew up some cherries and they painted those too, adding a little red glitter to make them extra sparkly.

I discovered that this is a great before bath activity. By the time we were done, both of my little ones were covered in paint, and to my surprise, a standard wet wipe wasn't going to make them come clean. Since it wasn't bath time for us, we had an impromptu water play session in the kitchen sink. I filled the sink up with soapy, warm water and threw in a few measuring cups and wooden spoons for them to play with. While they had fun splashing and playing (yet another sensory activity!), they also washed the stains from their hands and arms!

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