Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moon Sand--I love this stuff!

String Bean and I were perusing Target last night and picked up some Moon Sand for Little Bean and Miss O to try out. They immediately noticed the little containers sitting on the counter this morning and were excited to give it a try. Moon Sand is truly a strange and wonderous product! I can't quite figure out what it reminds me of, but it definitely reminds me of something!

Little Bean and Miss O had a great time experimenting with the Moon Sand, squishing it, stamping on it with rubber stamps, and espescially pouring it from container to container. I will warn you though, this product is way messier than playdough. You definitely want them to play with it on top of a tray to try to contain the mess and I even had mine wear pocket bibs to catch any crumbs that flew off the table. Even with that, I still had to do a little sweeping when they were finished.

How does your child like Moon Sand??


Anonymous said...

love your blog!

My 8 and almost 3 year old love moon sand i made some last summer it was fun!

Christy said...

My children love moon sand, but it makes a MESS! We usually use it outside on the deck.

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