Monday, February 23, 2009

My First Lapbook--I'm so proud!

I've mentioned before that I am interested in lapbooking, but I've never been brave enough to try it in the past. Lapbooking is basically just a bunch of mini books/activities that you attach to a folder and the child uses the book (on his lap) as a review of already learned skills or as tool for learning new skills. Well I saw this wonderful VeggieTales lapbook on a blog I follow and had to make it. Check out her blog at I now know why I was wary to try this; it is kind of time consuming and it's difficult to make something that will hold up under lots of use by two toddlers. But, I managed, and even whipped out a second Thomas the Train lapbook while I was at it. I know I have alot to learn, but here is the final product for your enjoyment. Also, if you are interested in doing this or other lapbooks, visit, where I got the print outs for these lapbooks.
Here's the VeggieTales lapbook:

And here's the Thomas lapbook:


Annette said...

Question for you...Did you laminate, use cardstock, or just use paper? My husband printed them out on paper and I laminated them, but actually wonder if it would be better not laminated. Let me know your thoughts if you don't mind!

Jennifer said...

Annette--honestly, I'm still trying to figure this out myself. The ones in this post I just printed straight and made the book. My kids were gentle, but even so, I could tell it wasn't going to last on just regular paper. So, I laminated everything, and then it seemed too stiff. It's indestructible now, but a little too stiff. So, I think either printing on cardstock might work, or using a thinner laminate would work. I'm about to put together the Brown Bear one from Carisa's site, and I'll let you know how it turns out--I'm going to try a thinner laminating paper.

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