Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ABC Book

I love finding new blogs because I love finding new ideas. :) Today I found this blog, and she is doing an ABC Book with her little one. She cuts out images from magazines that match the sound that the letter makes and then will make it into a book. I was really charmed by how hers are turning out, and it's inspired me to make one of these with Little Bean and Miss O. Miss O espescially would benefit from this because she is just now learning her letters. I think I'll laminate them as we go and then put it together as a book in the end. What fun! Now I just need some magazines....hmmm...maybe the wanted section on Craigslist??? ;)


Amber said...

She has a good idea using different pictures out of magazines.

We turned our "Alphabet Wall" into a book when they put up a giant Darth Vader.


As for magazines....If you have a Half Price Books near you they sell old magazines really cheap. Like 5 for a buck. I have a huge stash just for times like this. :) You could also use ads from the Newspaper some are shiny and colorful!

Annette said...

Thanks for linking me. :) I am actually using Google Images...much easier than sorting pictures from magazines. My favorites are the photos of Mommy, Evan, and Meghan (she says me, not Meghan). Soon we'll have Daddy on a D page too!

I look forward to more of your parenting thoughts on the other blog and mommy stuff here. I am a former elem. teacher and my husband also works full time and is working on his graduate degree...just a bit more we have in common.

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