Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tot School

I was away on retreat this weekend, so I am just now getting to my Tot School post. We had a wonderful week of discovery and learning, but most of all fun! The kids chose a lot of activities they haven't asked about in weeks, so it was really nice.
Tot School
Miss O will be 3 in July and Little Bean will be 4 in April.
This week in Tot School:
Doing Moon Sand together:

Here Miss O is reading to Little Bean:

Stringing straws and laminated jewels onto pipe cleaner:

This week Miss O:

Polished shoes (a montessori inspired activity):

Put rubber bands on a door knob:

Played with magnetic shapes and formed structures:

Strung beads onto a pipe cleaner:

Little Bean:

Putrubber bands on a door knob too (great for fine motor skills):

Tranferred water with a sponge, another montessori activity:

Here he is playing the counting game I made for him:

We got this magnetic set with a Kohl's gift card and it came in the mail this week:

We received these foam magnetic building blocks with the gift card too:

Animal match:

He played this rhyming match game that I printed and laminated from a curriculum book I have. You match the rhyming pictures (pig, wig, etc):


Mary said...

I love the rubber bands on the door knobs I will have to try this with Girlygirl.

TheRockerMom said...

I have been searching for an inexpensive alternative to lacing beads and I love the straws on pipe cleaners!!! I will also be using the rubber bands on door knobs. I love the creativity.

pucktricks said...

That's a good idea, I think I'll take some of their workbooks and make them into games. Now to run off and look through them.

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