Friday, May 15, 2009

Contact Paper Train

We are reading a colorful little book called Freight Train, by Donald Crew in our curriculum right now, and one activity the book suggests is making a felt train to use when doing a retelling of the story. Well, I didn't have all the colors of felt needed for the train in the book, so I modified that activity and we used construction paper stuck onto contact paper for our trains.

To do this, I cut out two longs strips of contact paper and one rectangle in each color of train car pictured in the story. I peeled off the first piece of contact paper and used masking tape to adhere it temporarily to the table. As I read the story, the kids stuck on the appropriate colored train car. For wheels I used some little white circular stickers my sister in law passed on to me. To finish, I covered the exposed side in more contact paper and trimmed the edges.


Annette said...

Fabulous book! What curriculum do you use? Do you plan to continue homeschooling?

Jennifer said...

We use a literature based curriculum called Moving Beyond the Page, and then for Little Bean I use Right Start for math. I definitely want to continue homeschooling, but when they enter 1st grade I'll use a distance learning program through our county.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah....I knew those stickers would come in handy!

Annette said...

YES! It was this post that inspired me! My cousin and a friend use online schools. They both like it a lot! Remind me...where do you live?

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