Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Fish Mobile

Several months ago I saw this paper mache fish mobile on flipflops and applesauce and I knew it was something I wanted to try with my kids. Well, talk about a disaster! My kids were too young to really understand how to do this, and it was a big mess. My husband and I ended up finishing them that night after Miss O and Little Bean went to bed. :) They turned out really cute, but I didn't have any fishing line to hang them up in Little Bean's room, so they've sat in the cupboard all this time.

The other day I was in an organizing mood, and figured I would just toss them, thinking I would never get around to hanging them up. But, dh was adamant that he could and would hang them right then. True to his word, he used a few chopsticks and some yarn and hung these up in Little Bean's room. They go well with his room, which is fish themed, and I'm glad he convinced me to finally hang them!

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