Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Dino

This is our dino, who has been growing in our kitchen for the past week. We purchased him at the dollar store, and the label promises that he will grow 600% larger than his original size (I think that was bit of an exaggeration!). So far, we have been really pleased with him though. We have been keeping a chart of his size, measuring him every morning and comparing his growth day by day. Little Bean, especially has been interested in this activity, and I think he has just started to understand the concept of measurement and size comparison using a chart. Now that he's grown to capacity, he is sitting on a plate, and we are measuring his size as he shrinks back down to his original length. Good times!


Sheena said...

We have a crocodile that we got at the dollar store, but we haven't done it yet. Right now we are "hatching" a dino from an egg that we got at the dollar store as well. Gotta love that store!

Christy said...

We did this too. C and R looked forward to measuring ours every day.

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