Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rainbow Zebras

( Above: The zebras before I trimmed their stripes down to size)

No real educational goal behind these ones--the idea just struck me and we hadn't done a craft in ages, so we whipped up these rainbow colored zebras. To make these, I simply free handed (a very pathetic looking) zebra on the printed side of a cereal box. Then I cut it out and had the kids paint the cardboard side with white paint. While they did that, I cut strips of colored construction paper for them to glue on for his stripes, as well as two black squares for the hooves and a black snout. They glued the stripes on however they liked, and then I just cut the excess off once they were finished. To finish him off, we added some googly eyes and bits of red yarn for hair. Considering how pathetic they looked in the beginning, I was actually pretty happy with their cuteness factor by the end! :)

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