Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tot School

Tot School

We had a bit of a strange week this week, with my birthday this weekend, getting my wisdom teeth out on Thursday, and cousins visiting from the Philippines. Still, we managed to get in lots of Tot School fun!

Miss O is 2 years and 11 months.
This week in Tot School:

Miss O spent some quality time playing with her boy cousins, who have been living in the Philippines for the past two years. It had been so long since we had seen them that Miss O didn't remember their names, but she quickly got reacquainted with them!
Miss O, Little Bean and their Auntie (also from the Philippines) played this silly sentence game. Miss O participated some, but Little Bean was the one who was REALLY into this game.
Auntie played Sorry with all the cousins too. Miss O actually stuck with this one almost until the end, though I could tell she didn't really know what she was doing! :)
Miss O spent a lot of time drawing this week. Since she discovered she could draw faces she hasn't wanted to put her pens down!
Believe it or not, she chose to shine shoes again!
She and Little Bean put together this alphabet puzzle. Little Bean did most of the putting together and Miss O did most of the admiring of the pieces!
They played this Colorforms Silly Faces game once this week, and really enjoyed it. I got this one on Amazon.
Miss O spontaneously got out the foam alphabet puzzle and made a line connecting from one end of the room to the other. She spent a lot of time working on this:
Miss O colored with the Magic Pix pen and special coloring paper:
She built with blocks:
And she, Little Bean and Daddy played Dora the Explorer Dominoes. Apparently they liked this so much they played it three times in a row!
Miss O with another drawing (she actually asked me to take her picture with it!)--this one is an octopus:
And lastly, Miss O helped Daddy screw the legs on my IKEA shelf. We've had the legs for a while, they just never made it on the shelf!


Christy said...

I have family from the Phillipines. My mother's brother married a woman from the Phillipines so my first cousins are half Phillipino.

I have never heard of the Magic Pix pen. I'll have to check it out. I like the colorforms game too.

Jennifer said...

Christy--They aren't actually from the Philippines; they are missionaries who have been living there full time, but who are American. :)

As for the Magic Pix pen, I think Crayola makes one called Color Wonder, or something like that. We've had these forever, and I just decided to bring them out again.

Christy said...

I thought that might be the case because they certainly don't look Phillipino.

Oh, we have used Color Wonder products.

Sheena said...

M&M is really into drawing faces now too because she can actually do it!

jd6405 said...

Love the pic of her and her octopus! So cute!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Nice drawings! I hope my daughter will grow into it eventually. She is such a perfectionist that she refuses to do anything that she cannot do well.

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