Friday, June 12, 2009

Wisdom Teeth--Ugh!

You will have to excuse this week's light posting; I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and have been sitting in bed recovering. My lower two teeth were completely impacted, and very near my jaw line, posing the risk of nerve damage to my face. My upper two were comepletely impacted as well, and very near my sinus, posing the risk of perforation of the sinues, and subsequent surgeries to fix the perforation. To top that off, the dentist said my veins were quite small (never been a problem in the past however!) and he had a lot of trouble inserting the IV into my arm. He tried both arms and one hand multiple times, and by the end of that I was nearly having a panic attack! I was so thankful once he finally got the IV inserted. Of course now my arms are pretty black and blue from all the veins that burst while he was attempting to insert it. All that to say, sorry for the lack of posting that will be happening this week--I'm just hanging in there at this point!

And, since I know many of my readers have probably had their wisdom teeth out as well, I'm wondering if nose bleed is normal or not? Last night (the night of the surgery), every time I'd lay on my right side, I'd start getting blood in my nose (only in my left nostril) as if my nose was going to bleed and I'd sit up to get a tissue and then all the blood would fall down my throat. After it happened several times (only when on my right side, lying down) I began to realize that maybe this was no not normal? Also, I can tell my sinuses are aching, is that normal? I put a call into the dentist this morning, but he is not in for a while, so hopefully he will call me back soon. I've tried laying that way a couple times this morning and it hasn't happened again. Anyone ever heard of this?


Annette said...

UGH! I didn't experience any nose bleeds. Sorry to say!

Hope you are yourself soon, and that the nosebleeds aren't a concern.

Michelle said...

Praying for a speedy recovery. I need mine out but have to wait till after the new baby. I am not looking forward to it either. Feel better :0)

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

so sorry to hear aobut it i had mine pulled when i was 18 it was a long recovery i had 5 yep an extra and they were upside down and impacted too!

good luck and wishing for a speedy recovery for ya!

Christy said...

Mine were dangerously impacted too. I never had any nosebleeds. I did get an infection though and my face swelled up like a balloon. It was horrible. Rinse often is my advice.

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