Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baggie Butterfly

Another craft from our circle time book, Sing! Play! Create! To make this butterfly finger puppet, simply cut out decorative paper or use pom-poms, sequins or jewels and stuff them into a zipping sandwich bag. Cinch the bag in the center and use a twist tie to make a body, antennae, and a "ring" for a finger to fit into. Simple, quick, and cute. Instant finger puppets! My kids loved these! We talked about the life cycle of a butterfly, and how butterflies taste with their feet so that they can instantly know whether pr not there is food on the surface that they land on and save time and energy as they search for their suppers. The kids thought it was hilarious and wondered what it would be like if they could taste with their feet. :)


SAHMinIL said...

That's cute!

E and T said...

Hi Jennifer

I have been visitng your blog for a little while now. I always enjoying meeting other creative mums in the blogosphere.

Your butterfly is sweet. Ziplock bags are great for creating all kinds of creatures.

We made a sheep, spider and lady beetle out of some zip lock bags last year and our creations were then perfect for story time.

The link to our blog post for ziplock bag animals is:


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Awesome idea!

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