Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tot School

Lots of games in Tot School this week. I used to keep all of our "educational" games up on a high shelf in the playroom, but this week I moved them all to the guest room closet on a low shelf. The kids wanted to try out every product in there when they saw the closet open like that. :)

Here, Miss O is sorting bears. I picked these up at the thrift store this week for less than two dollars! She and Bean sorted, counted, and made patterns, but for the most part, they just used them to pretend and make up stories. :)
Miss O inserting coins into our cash register. She really enjoyed this, and I am hoping some of the coin names will sink in.
Here she is with an animal matching game--another thrift store find, but we've had this one for a while. Also, it appears to be some sort of "happy meal" toy from Rubios:
This is a simple alphabet game I made up for the kids to play using our foam alphabet puzzles from Michael's Craft Store:
Here they are playing color and shape Bingo. This is a Leap Frog game, and it comes with multiple spinners and bingo cards for different educational skills (shapes, colors, animals, numbers, even addition).
This is a really interesting activity where the kids had to sort the shapes onto rods according to the pattern on the card. The one Miss O is doing is simply a color sort, which she found pretty challenging because she was following the pattern on a card, rather than just adding to an existing sort (I hope that made sense!), but there are 15 or so different types of sorting and patterning activity cards for this game. This one came from a teaching supply store.
Candyland. Miss O threw a fit when every card she turned over wasn't a "special" card. She still ended up winning, but would rather have just pulled the special cards each turn! ;)
Eric Carle's ABC game. I believe we got this two Christmas's ago from my parents. We have never played it just because it comes with a ton of cards that all have to be laid out beside the game board. It's very cute, but as for the fun factor, I wasn't impressed, and neither were the kids. :(
Here Miss O is playing with a three part alphabet puzzle. This came from Ross:
And lastly, her doorbell dollhouse, by Melissa and Doug. I got this one used on ebay. She absolutely loves it! This was a birthday present from us--each of the four sides has a door with a lock and matching numbered key as well as a different sounding doorbell. Miss O is rewarded for finding the right key and opening the lock when she finds a tiny doll inside each door.
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TheRockerMom said...

Wow. You have so many useful educational toys. I'd love to get my hands on some of them. It looks like another great week at your house. Thanks for sharing.

Christy said...

I love that doorbell house. I have been looking for one for a while but can't seem to find it. I am not impressed with any of the Eric Carle board games, and we LOVE Eric Carle.

Jennifer said...

Rocker Mom, I know we do have way too many educational toys, but I console myself by reminding myself that most of them were bought at thrift and discount stores. :)

Christy--Yeah, the doorbell house is discontinued, so I got mine on ebay. Give it a try, there may be another on on there! I've seen something similar (doors and keys) at Target, but it was plastic and there was a diffferent animal behind each door.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I love how your kids just look so into all the activities. How great that they can play together so nicely, first of all, and what a great selection of games! I really need to go game shopping. :)

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