Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tot School

Miss O is 36 months old.
This week in Tot School:

Miss O colored:
She and Little Bean tried out these squeezable paints that Miss O received as a birthday present from some family friends:
She worked with this Guidecraft mystery puzzle:
And she worked with her magna doodle:
Miss O and Little Bean played with these puppets my mom got at Michael's Craft Store several months ago: Miss O was really into playdough this week. She was loving cutting the dough into tiny "cookies" for me to "eat":
Here she is playing with Legos. The house you see in the picture was built by her:
They asked to play with TJ Bearytales, which is like the Teddy Rukspin of this generation:
They sorted counting bears. This has been a favorite this week:
And finally, Miss O reading a Froggy book we checked out from the library:
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TheRockerMom said...

I love the squeeze paints and the lego house was awesome!! Yet another great week at your house!!

Susana said...

The squeezable paints look fun. We have some of those same puppets!! I actually just wrapped up a giveaway for them:-). I like your blog design too--super cute!!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

It looks like she is a great colorer. :) How do you like the squeezable paints? I've seen them and have thought of getting them. I'd like to hear another mom's thoughts about them first. Thanks for sharing your week!

jd6405 said...

Fun week!! How did those squeezable paint bottles work out?? We have a TJ Bearytales too and Sunshine loves him!

mimi said...

I wrote a comment..but I'm worried it may not have gone through. This may be a duplicate :)

Thank you for leaving a comment and sharing all that you did!! You are such a blessing to those families!! I'm happy to meet you :)

Raising a Happy Child said...

Busy life! It's neat that your kids play so nicely together. We are also big Lego fans here, and my daughter enjoys playing with them.

Myztic said...

ive ordered counting bears, cant wait for them to come! she looks like she enjoyed cutting the playdough.. i haven't tried doing that but its a good idea.. i think im gonna try that this week :)

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