Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly Workboxes

It's been a really low key week here as my mother in law has been to visit from out of town. We did workboxes twice this week, but unfortunately, I didn't have the forsight to take pictures of each box those two times, and school didn't happen Thursday and Friday due to my mother in law visiting.

However, I keep a record of what I put in their boxes each day, so I can list for you what was in the workboxes one day this week!

In Little Bean's boxes:
Box 1: Read Aloud--Curious George
Box 2: 100 Lessons
Box 3: Tactile bucket with puzzle pieces hidden inside. Bean is supposed to find the pieces and complete the puzzle
Box 4: Right Start Math--Recognizing 1 through 8 without counting and working with the Abacus
Box 5: Stamping
Box 6: Sustained Silent Reading
Box 7: Handwriting Without Tears--forming capital "E"
Box 8: 24 piece puzzle
Box 9: Explode the Code--Consonant Pretest

Miss O's Boxes:
Box 1: Read Aloud--Curious George
Box 2: Tactile Bucket with unpopped popcorn. Miss O finds foam letters in the popcorn and puts them in the correct place in the foam puzzle
Box 3: Explode the Code "M"
Box 4: Playdough, using twisting and pushing tools
Box 5: Handwriting Without Tears PK--Aim and Scribble
Box 6: Sustained Silent Reading
Box 7: Magic Pics--this is that special paper that you can write on with one marker and the picture will be colored in all sorts of colors
Box 8: Working with the Handwriting Without Tears tactile materials, forming capital "E"
Box 9: Tangrams

Are you doing workboxes too? If you want to link up and show what has been in your kid's workboxes this week, please use the MckLinky below. Please link to your EXACT post about workboxes, and not to the main address of your blog. It also may be helpful to list the ages or grade level of your kids after your name/blog description.


Our Little Family said...

I was missing new posts from you!! I'm glad you guys got to spend time with your mother-in-law and get school in, too. I love the idea of the popcorn kernels and foam letters. Maddie would LOVE that and I will absolutely have to try it. Thanks!!

Desiree said...

Your workboxes are so fun! We finally got all set up and joined in! I'll have to work on the fun factor, I realized that a lot of our boxes are workbooks, oh well.

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