Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly Workboxes

My mother in law returned home on Wednesday, so we were able to squeeze in two days of workboxing this week. The kids were SO excited to finally be back at it. I can't say enough about the anticipatory factor with the workboxes. They are always so excited to peek in their boxes and see what is new and in store for them each day!

This week Miss O participated in a lot of Little Bean's work just because it the topics were broad enough that they could work for both their age levels. Thus, she has less boxes pictured here:

Shining coins: Miss O wasn't really into this. I really thought she would like it, but it wasn't a big hit at all. :(
Explode the Code, Book A: We finished up "M" this week. She is doing really well with this book. I don't make her do the writing portion though. My goal is just to get her to learn letters and sounds. She is getting a lot better at recognizing the initial sounds in words.
This is a "M and M" craft. She colors the circles the appropriate color and then stamps a lower case "m" in the middle.
Handwriting Without Tears Pre K--Drawing Lines and squiggles:
Scooping Oatmeal with a spoon:
For Little Bean we have:
100 Lessons: He is doing a lot better with this the second time around!
This is a stamping activity where he is supposed to stamp out the correct number using two different stamps (6 is 5 and1, 7 is 5 and 2, etc). The concept of this comes from Right Start math.
Right Start: comarison words and ordering by length.
Not sure why this is so blurry, but it's our All About Spelling curriculum. We just received it and did lesson 1 on Friday.
Rush Hour:
Explode the Code, Book 1:
Mc Ruffy Science, K--The Five Senses, focus on the sense of smell:
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Jenny said...

I hope you don't mind me linking up what we did last week. I am going to post about our weekly workboxes on Thursdays.

You have some great ideas in your boxes. I've been wanting to look into Handwriting Without Tears and All About Spelling.

Sheena said...

I am going to have to use that M&M activity this week because we are doing the letter M. Great ideas.

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