Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Puzzles, Puzzles, Everywhere!

About 5 weeks ago when I started Little Bean on Kindergarten work I put a 24 piece puzzle into one of his work alone boxes. To my surprise (we had not done many puzzles up until this point), he finished it within minutes, and was SO proud of himself. Since it seemed to be an activity of great interest to him, I began rotating our few puzzles through his boxes each week.

Then, a few weeks back, I took them to the dollar store and purchased two 50 piece puzzles (just because that was what they had). I wasn't sure if that would be too many pieces for him, but alas it wasn't. He spent the better part of an hour working on one 50 pc puzzle, but completed it without help, and with great interest and enthusiasm (read: "Mom, look how good I'm doing! You have to come and see!").

Here, he is completing a 100 piece puzzle I purchased at Toys R Us for only $1.48. This kid is INTO puzzles! In this instance, Little Bean spent about 45 minutes putting this together only to immediately take it apart again and proceed to rebuild it. :) I'm totally excited about this new, quiet hobby he has taken up!


Christy said...

My son loves puzzles too. He is especially fond of the Melissa and Doug puzzles; we have a rainforest one that he LOVES. My daughter doesn't have much interest in puzzles yet though. Does Miss O?

Kirsten, Chris, Jacob and Sarah said...

I so impressed, and he looks so happy!

Jennifer said...

Christy--Miss O isn't too interested. She liked the wooden ones that you just plug the pictures into, but has mastered them, so I sold them all. I've tried her on the Melissa and Doug 12 piece ones, and she just doesn't understand yet. She'll do it happily with lots of help, but otherwise she doesn't enjoy them at all!

Michelle said...

Emily loves puzzles too! I love how nice and quiet she is as she works on them. Little Bean did a great job on his puzzles. That 100 piece puzzle was a great find!

Our Little Family said...

That is so great and he looks SO proud!!

I can't really seem to get Maddie interested in puzzles. She has SO many of them, but it's like once she's done them once, she's not interested in doing them again. :-/

Those are great deals on the puzzles, too!

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