Friday, October 23, 2009

CostCo and Pizza

We go to CostCo every 2 weeks for all our grocery shopping needs. This past weekend, the fresh ready to cook pizzas were on sale for $6.99, so we decided to give one a try. We brought it home, and while my wonderful dh put the groceries away, the kids and I opened a can of olives and decorated our pizza while the oven warmed up.

Check out Miss O (and yes, that's me with her. I actually kind of like that picture of myself! Shocker!). I was slicing the olives and invited her to decorate the pizza while I sliced. She made this circle of olives of her own accord. I found it so interesting because it is so like her to decorate it in an organized manner. Any time she is presented with something that is unorganized (like that pile of olives), she is drawn to organizing it. She is way into sorting and compartments, etc. Hopefully this means she will be a neat person!?

Now look at Bean. Of course he came in and saw that Miss O was getting to help "cook" and wanted in on the deal. Look at her masterpiece after Bean got hold of it--no organization there.
Luckily for us, pizza tastes great no matter how the olives are organized! :)


Christy said...

So cute. The pizza looks great. That is a nice picture of you!

Too Many Hats said...

You are beautiful! What a fun thing to decorate the pizza.

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