Friday, October 16, 2009

Homemade Magnetic Dress Up Doll

I saw these printable paper dolls at Wee Wonderfuls, and knew that they'd be perfect for a little magnetic dress up game for Miss O. To make this, I printed the dolls, laminated them, and then stuck them to a piece of a sticky back magnetic sheet. I purchased the tin at Michael's Craft Store. The doll I stuck on the lid of the tin, and then I stored her outfits inside. I made two sets of these--one for Miss O for a Christmas gift, and one for a toddler friend of Miss O's who I hope will also enjoy playing with this. :)


SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

It is so adorable! So clever! I never even knew that you can buy sticky magnetic sheets.
Thanks for great ideas! :D

Sheena said...

I've seen a lot of stuff about sticky back magnetic sheets. Where do you get it? This is a way cute idea. I like how you use the container to keep the outfits in as part of the activity.

Anonymous said...

I want one, these are sooo cute.

Jennifer said...

I got the sticky back magnetic sheet at Michaels. Using a 40% off coupon it was about 5 dollars, and I still have about half left after making two sets of these. I would imagine Jo Ann's Fabrics would have something like that as well.

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