Monday, October 19, 2009

Oatmeal Container Baby Cradle

I made this homemade baby cradle out of an empty oatmeal box as a Christmas gift for Miss O this past week. To make this, my husband cut out the appropriate sized papers for me out of some scrapbooking paper and I Modge Podged them to an empty oatmeal container. After a couple coats, it was done! So easy, and I know Miss O will love this. Now to find a baby tiny enough to fit inside! :)


Anonymous said...

why not use a Ginuea Pig instead?

Our Little Family said...

Love it!! Maddie and I made one together months ago but my goodness, yours turned out beautiful (we did a mosaic of tissue papers and it got a little messy!). But, she loved playing with it (until a friend accidently crushed it).

I've found tiny dolls at the endcaps at Target. Maddie has two and I think they were about $3 each.

Too Many Hats said...

That's adorable! How very creative of you. I always give mine to a friend with guinne pigs - they love to play with them (cut the bottom off and it's a tube to play in and chew)

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