Saturday, October 10, 2009

Putting Away AND Sorting!

When I do the laundry, usually I fold and sort the clothes for the kids, and then hand them each one stack at a time and they put them away. They have gotten quite good at doing it this way, and I have not seen a reason to change it.

But this last week, I folded Bean's clothing and stacked them into one stack without sorting them into groups. He came into the laundry room while I was still folding, grabbed his stack, and went off to put them away. I went after him to warn him that I had not separated the clothes for him yet, only to find him sitting on the floor separating them into neat little piles of pants, shirts, socks and underwear on his own. I was so impressed!


Miller Moments said...

I like this idea...I'm going to have my 4 year old start helping to sort his own clothes and put them away. He already puts them away, but I put them in stacks for him. It would be good for him to separate the clothes himself.

Adriana said...

That is wonderful! My 3 year old son loves to help with the laundry. His favorite part is hanging the clothes on hangers. He is getting good at it and it keeps him busy for a long time!

Desiree said...

I love it when they figure those things out! That's great!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh wow, I would have been so proud! And now you know what he is capable of and that means less work for Mommy! Yay! :)

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