Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Legs--Make Your Own

Have you heard of Baby Legs? Baby Legs are arm and leg warmers for (mostly) children that are made in fun and festive prints and colors. Baby legs cost about $12 dollars a pair.

BUT--surprise! You can make your own baby legs for a fraction of the cost. I made this pair (and SEVERAL others) just the other day, and it was so easy!

Here's how:

To make a pretty close copy cat to Baby Legs, simply purchase a pair of adult knee socks in a fun print. I purchased the pair pictured above at the thrift store for a whopping .25 cents! Even if you buy brand new though, you could make about 6 pairs for the cost of one name brand pair.

Cut off the knee sock in a straight line across the ankle area of the sock, first measuring it to the child's arm to make sure the length is right.

Fold the frayed end in, creating a smooth edge, and then just make a straight stitch around the tube using a machine, or even by hand.

That's it! So easy! All the kidlets on my Christmas list are getting a pair of these this Christmas!


Jeanette said...

Love it! Even my unskilled shelf can probably manage this project.

Keri said...

AUGH!! i just had a giveaway on my blog for babylegs and i think they are SO cute that i want some for my daughter now! i LOVE that this is an easy, more affordable approach to those cute little leg warmers!

Keri said...

your blog is super cute!! just thought i would let you know!

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