Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween--Yes, It's A Little Late!

So, I'm just now getting my Halloween post up, but Miss O and Little Bean were so cute in their costumes, I just had to share! :) We went to my parent's church for their Harvest Festival, and then trick or treating afterward. The kids had a blast that night!

Here is Miss O. She was a package. My mom made her costume with felt and then sewed real packaging labels on.
I always like to make them matching, and since they haven't expressed interest in picking their own costumes yet, this year we went with the package and a UPS man. My mom had this costume in her dress up clothes box at her house, so we didn't end up having to buy a costume.
The festival had all sorts of carnival games. This is one where you had to find the right key for the hole and then you got to open the treasure chest and choose a prize. Look at Bean's face--he's so excited that he found the key. (No need to mention that they let you try as long as you want! ;) )
Here's Miss O in the bounce house. I love this picture of her, with her pony tails flying!
They had a man from their church doing magic tricks for the kids. He was really friendly and good with them. In this trick he was somehow pulling foam balls from his mouth! The kids absolutely loved this!


Annette said...

Love this!

Too Many Hats said...

Love the matching costumes - too cute!

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