Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Homemade Snowman Puzzle

Is it too early for a Christmas themed craft? I adapted this craft from an idea I saw on this blog. The woman on Foursquare Schoolhouse actually purchased a craft kit similar to what we made here, and then glued it all together. I thought, well, I already have all the materials to make this, why not make it into a little puzzle as well?

To make this snowman puzzle, you'll need:
--6 to 7 large tongue depressors

--black and white paint
--a bit of orange paper or craft foam
--googly eyes
Start by taping all but one of your Popsicle sticks together with masking or clear tape. Turn the sticks over to the front side, and draw a line with marker about 2/3 of the way up. The area above the line will be painted black, and the area below, white.
Cut out a small triangle nose from craft foam or construction paper. Paint your snowman, also paint the extra stick black. This is the rim of his top hat. Glue on the eyes and nose after the paint is dry. Draw a smile with a red marker.
Lastly, remove the tape from the back, separate the pieces, and then presto, you have a little puzzle to put together! The kids both had these in their workboxes last week. Good times! You could also glue the sticks together and stick on some ribbon for a door hanger or an ornament.


The Activity Mom said...

great idea!

Miller Moments said...

Super cute! I have a bunch of these large craft sticks, so now I know just what to do with them. We are doing a Christmas craft today too with some friends, so I of course don't think it's too early for a Christmas craft. :)

Sheena said...

I saw that on the oriental trading catalog and I knew that was something that I could make myself. It's one that I plan on doing. It's super cute!

Too Many Hats said...

What a cute idea!

N said...

i love that! So cute!

Kylie said...

Oh this is cute!

Love your blog by the way.

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