Monday, November 30, 2009

Please Excuse My Absence of Late...

We've had a wonderful holiday weekend, despite some mishaps which have caused me to take a short leave of absence from the blog:

1. Thanksgiving Day my dh got sick, and was miserable until Saturday, when he decided to see a doctor. Turns out he may have strep throat, which is really no surprise because he gets it every winter.

2. Saturday evening Miss O came down with a stuffy/runny nose.

3. Sunday evening our guinea pig, Dandilion (formerly known as "the brown one"), fell ill. She began tilting her head to one side and was off balance, and just in general didn't look well. The vet was closed, so we decided to take her in Monday (today) for a check up.

4. Little Bean had an appointment this morning with a pediatric opthamoligist so that he could check and make sure his eyes are clear of JXG. Only--I realized when we drove into the parking lot that his appointment is actually tomorrow, not today. All was not lost however, because we were in the area of our vet, so we dropped in to see if he could see Dandi today. Lucky for us, he had an opening only 30 minutes later.

5. It would be a rush, but we thought we could make it back in time. Obviously, Dandi wasn't with us, so we had to rush home and get her and then head back to the vet. We weren't counting on Miss O getting carsick on the way home however. She drenched herself and her car seat with throw up before I could get her a bag from the glove compartment. Of course we had to pull over and clean her up, which meant we would miss the vet appointment.

6. I called and rescheduled (luckily still for this morning), and we drove home to pick up the guinea pig. Of course, when we drove up to the house there was an unleashed stray dog hanging out on our lawn. Both Miss O and Little Bean are terrified of dogs, espescially the unleashed variety. It was the perfect ending to a perfectly crazy holiday weekend.

Let's hope this week goes a little more smoothly. How was YOUR holiday weekend?? :)


Annette said...

You poor thing! Does it make you feel any better to know that Evan vomited 1 hour into a five hour drive? And the convience store's bathroom was closed? At least it had stopped raining, but he was a bit chilly when he was naked.

Too Many Hats said...

Oh my, you had quite the holiday weekend and then some. Hope everyone is feeling better and that Dandi will be okay.

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