Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly Workboxes

We are moving right along with our Kinder and Preschool work! I calculated today that we have done 53 days of "school" so far this year! Here are somethings we have been up to this week:

Little Bean worked on grammar and handwriting with our Sentence School curriculum. This follows the same format each day. We draw two word cards from a box, either verbs, nouns or adjectives. We then read the words and write sentences about them.
Here is our science workbox, which this day was about comparing natural and man-made objects. Both Miss O and Little Bean enjoyed this, but Miss O didn't quite "get" it. She enjoyed exploring the various objects I had collected, however.
This is a worksheet Little Bean did on his own to assess whether or not he understood the science lesson on natural and man-made. He did great with this!
This a work alone box for Bean--stencils and crayon rubbings.
We only got through two lessons in this book this week because I decided to repeat them both twice. Little Bean read all the words in the stories okay, but it was hard work, and I wanted him to have a little more practice before moving on to the next lesson.
Here is our math workbox, and on this day we were working on the part-whole concept. Using a graph with one big circle at the top connected to two smaller circles below, we worked on the different ways to split 5 into two groups.
This is a work with mom box, and we worked on addition using snap cubes. I purchased this book, which is full of activities and ideas for use with the snap cubes, a long time ago, but have never really cracked it open. This week I decided to pull it out and give it a try. Some of the activities look fun, but I have yet to decide whether or not I like this book.
Miss O is moving right along in her Explode the Code Primer (Book C). We worked on "l" this week. And in handwriting, she finished up her capital letter practice, and is moving on to numbers next week. We are almost to the end of this book...not sure what she will do for handwriting after this, because she is not quite ready to graduate from tracing to actually forming the letters on her own.
This a work with mom box that just contains foam numbers and corresponding shapes. First we sorted the shapes and then counted how many of each shape. Then we matched the groups with the correct numeral. I was surprised Miss O actually recognized a couple of the numerals!
This is a stamping activity where I gave Miss O some pictures and she was supposed to match them to the initial sound. She usually does fine with these kinds of activities.
Here, Miss O is to work on cutting skills using playdough. Pink of course!! ;)
And lastly, Miss O had some tangrams to complete. She was tired by this time, and didn't complete them all.
If you would like to share what your little ones are doing with the workbox system this week, please use the MckLinky below and link up to the exact post where you've talked about your workboxes!

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Annette said...

I am such a bad blogging friend, but wanted to let you know that I do read, even if my comments have been sparse!

Your workboxes always amaze me!

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