Thursday, November 12, 2009

Woodkin's Dress Up Dolls

I've been meaning to do a post about this toy for ages, but have just now gotten around to it. The kids and I found this little game that the thrift store for about $1.50. It was a comeplete set, so I was so excited when I found it.

What is it, you ask? It's a Woodkins Dress Up Doll. Our set includes one Woodkin wooden dress up doll, 4 magnetic interchangable faces, and 8 pieces of "clothing".
Here she is with a few of her outfits:
And here is how you play with her--open up the flap and lay a small square of cloth over her. You can also lay a smaller cloth down for shoes and socks, or even a head band. You can do dresses, shorts and tees, long or short sleeves, whatever you can think of you can try.
Lower the flap and see how cute she looks in her new outfit!
Both of the kids really like this toy. It would be a great Christmas gift for a special little girl in your life too. Check out some more sets on Amazon here.


Too Many Hats said...

That's adorable.

Adriana said...

That looks like a great toy. I do a weekly toy review blog carnival. If you link up you can get entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift card. said...

I have a set of these dressup woodkins that was purchased many years ago. My daughter and now my grandchildren love playing with them. I have been looking for another new set for my special needs neice. I haven't had any luck finding one. Does anyone know where I can find a set?

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