Friday, December 11, 2009

Our School Room

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So we are lucky enough to have a whole room that we use as a playroom that is downstairs, right off of the kitchen/living room. Until recently, we had our toys in there, and then we had our school supplies and desks and workboxes upstairs in the guest bedroom/office. One day I realized that with the amount of time we spend in the school area, we needed a bigger space. So, I switched things around. I put our toys upstairs in the guest room/office, and the school stuff now has a whole room dedicated just to school. I am SO much happier with this arrangement.

I thought I'd give a little tour of our school room and how I keep things organized. Rest assured it is not normally this clean. I actually had to vacuum before taking these pics because there is normally bits of paper and dried playdough lying around and of course the games and puzzles that they want to leave out for Daddy to see. :)

Here goes:

This is left over from when this room was the playroom. It's velcroed to the wall, and since we do use a lot of magnets during school time, I just left it there. This is to the right of the doorway as you come into the room:
This is also left over from the playroom. This a felt board my mom made us from posterboard, felt and glue. It is also velcroed to the wall, beneath the window. Beneath in the yellow bin are the felt things, and the white bin holds our library books:
I actually just added this tactile bin in today. We usually store it under the couch, but I had this empty corner in the school room and thought, why not? I'm hoping having it out will give the kids more opportunities to play with it:
Here's where I keep some of the items that the kids are free to get into on their own. In the blue containers and the small drawers we have all our crafty things--scissors, glue, glue sticks, popcycle sticks, googly eyes, etc. Next door in the three drawer bin we have playdough, coloring books and paper, and stickers. On top are pencils and markers. The kids have free access to all of this except for scissors, which they are supposed to ask for first:
This was a toy shelf when we had toys in here. Now it holds our workboxes. The top shelf is where I store handwriting paper, math and science manipulatives, extra workboxes and Miss O's Itsy Bitsy Books:
Here's Miss O's desk. As you can see, below my storage shelf is where Miss O has her workboxes. In front of her desk is a wall chart (dollar spot find!) and it has all the alphabet letters she has learned so far. She gets them down a lot to trace them with a white board pen and then re-organize them on the chart:
This is where I store the bulk of my curriculum. This is above the shelf where Little Bean has his boxes. I like having it out in the open so I have easy access. I have the numbers for their workboxes stuck to the wall, and their handwriting manipulatives on a hook next door. Below I store all the curriculum stuff that we use every week. On the left we have our All About Spelling flashcards and Sentence School cards. Beside that are the teacher's manuals and workbooks, and next to that are our capital letter cards and wood pieces:
Below that shelf are Little Bean's boxes. He also has a wall chart, and his holds words that he is learning in 100 Lessons:
This is a shelf in the closet. It's a small walk in, so I took off the door and it's just open to the room. On the top two shelves I keep things that I don't want them having access to all the time. The top shelf has pop beads, magnetic/non magnetic things, and stamps. The second shelf has Little Bean's readers, unifix cubes, small manipulatives, tangrams, that kind of thing. The bottom two shelves they are free to get into. The purple and pink buckets are buttons and beads for stringing. Then they have the peg boards, which they largely ignore. On the bottom are our books. To the left is a basket with tactile things in it--popcorn, lentils, rice, etc.
This is also in the closet. This holds all our games and puzzles. The brown folder is our file folder games. The rest on the top of this shelf are our puzzles. Below are all our games. The kids have free access to these as well.
You'll notice that I don't label everything. I just have general places for things, and since it's all out in the open, it's pretty easy for me to see what I have. Looking at this post makes me realize how much stuff we have for their schooling! We are so blessed! :) Hope you enjoyed the tour!

How do you organize your school room??


The girl who painted trees said...

Thanks for sharing this. I love seeing inside other people's homes :)

Debbie said...

You ARE very blessed! It's one of my dreams to someday have a house with a nice, big room to decorate as a school room. Hopefully, I can have that dream come true before my kids are grown! Thanks for sharing.

Kimberly Eddy said...

Very nicely done. WE've used a similar organizational method for years, and it suits us well too. Our oldest is now 16 (How that happened I'm not sure !!!) but the work boxes idea has stayed the course with us, adjusted only according to changes in curriculum. I find it keeps things managably orderly.

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