Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Would You Do With This?

A pastor friend of my mom's passed this Bible card set on to me thinking I may be able to use it with the kids somehow. I'm really excited to get started using it, as we don't do any Bible related stuff during our school time right now. BUT...I'm not really sure how to use these.

The Beginner's Bible cards are geared toward children ages 2 through 8, and there at least 200 or so cards (my guess). It appears to me that they are some kind of "card of the month" type thing that the church must've subscribed to but no longer need. The box contains dividers with names like plants and animals, events, miracles, daily life, and people. The cards are organized by category and then by book of the Bible.
Here's a view of the inside of the box:
Each card has two sides, a story side and a picture side. This photo is of the story side. It has the Bible reference in the top corner, and then has a "did you know" and a "life lesson" portion at the bottom:
On the front of the card is a picture that goes along with the story. There are also a few comprehension questions to ask after reading the back of the card:
Sorry the pics are so dark! Not sure what happened there! SO, how would you use these?? The kids were excited when I pulled them out today, and I let them choose a category and we read through the card. I'm not that creative, and don't know how to use them in a more exciting way. Any ideas??


My Boaz's Ruth said...

Night time bible time?

Julie said...

The cards are really cool! How about after you have read a few of the stories you lay them out and then you can give them clues and see if they can pick out the card that goes with your clues. I will keep thinking though.

Debbie said...

We have the actual bible that goes with those cards, but we don't have the cards. I think I would choose the bible story for the week, and put the card up on the board picture showing as a reminder throughout the week. Maybe with a little memory verse.

I know I take copies of the pictures out of our little bible and we are making our own bible book here at home and in our Children's Church, the kids love the pictures.

The Fambros said...

We don't use those cards but do use the bible that goes with. Whenever possible I try to sneak in some science since my son loves it. The creation one was easy as we planted seeds and sang songs and recited poems about how god made the earth. HTH

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