Saturday, February 27, 2010

Easy Felt Flower Craft

Here's a cute and easy felt craft to try with your little one. I feel like I saw these on Dollar Store Crafts, but I've searched for it and can't seem to locate it there. Either way, it wasn't my original idea! I slipped this project into the kid's workboxes a few weeks ago, and they really enjoyed it!
To make these, simply knot a pipe cleaner around a puff ball for the stem. I made a few leaves to twist on out of pipe cleaner as well:
Pre-cut some felt shapes for the child in different styles and sizes, cutting a slit to slide them onto the pipe cleaner:
I had my two sort them by size first and then put them on smallest to largest, so that all the pieces were showing in the end. This was a simple to prepare, short and easy craft for them!


Our Little Family said...

This is REALLY cute!! I think Maddie would LOVE to make a felt bouquet! Thanks!

The Activity Mom said...

so cute! I'm going to try this with B!

Angela said...

What a great idea. We'll have to do this, especially with spring coming up...

You have a beautiful blog. :)

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