Monday, February 15, 2010

Miss O Says...

Miss O is always asking me different things about our faith. It's with great interest that I observe and listen to her and see the way such a small child develops and understands the complexities of religion.

Once Little Bean wasn't listening to me in the car when I asked him to lean back so I could buckle his car seat. Miss O turned to him and said, "Little Bean, if you don't lean back, you're going to hell!" Oh, boy! I was kind of shocked she knew what hell even was at such a young age, and even more so that she would use the word so freely. I had to set her straight on that one! Yipes!

Just today she said to me, "Mommy, I wonder if Jesus gets food on him." When I asked her why, she answered, "You know, because he lives in our hearts and the food might get in our hearts when we eat it." I had to laugh at that one!

She is so sensitive to spiritual things, and she takes it seriously when someone is sick; she will pray for them or for herself if needed. I continually pray that as she grows she will have the ability to understand the Bible and her Christian inhertitance, and that she will grow into a lovely woman of God someday.

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Jo Shabo said...

I love the questions and thoughts little ones come up with-especially concerning God and religion in general. We have had LOTs of questions lately with Lent now here and the whole concept of Jesus and the cross. I have to really THINK to make sure I say the right things so that they make sense! LOL

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