Friday, February 12, 2010

A Reading Game for Both

We played an impromptu reading game the other day that both of the kids really loved. And that is really saying something because Little Bean doesn't usually get too excited over reading games. :)

If you remember, Miss O has recently started showing an interest in reading, so we are working our way through 100 Lessons. She is on lesson 31 now. She is doing great! And she is very motivated to read, much more so than Little Bean has ever been. She loves to read her Bob books and gets excited that she is able to read different ones as her reading skills are strengthened. She also does a lot of environmental reading. Earlier in the week is she noticed some words on a medicine schedule on our fridge and attempted to sound them out. Then she went over to a Home Depot box we have filled with scrap paper and was trying to read the packing label. This sparked an idea in my head for an easy little reading game.

I used some sentence/word strips and wrote out some simple words in pink marker for her. Then I taped them in various places around the house. She and Little Bean both got very excited as they raced around the house sounding out the different words. Of course, all the words were way too easy for Little Bean, so he asked if I would make some for him. I used a blue marker for his words.

Soon, Little Bean wanted to make up words himself. So I gave him the pink marker and he proceeded to make several word cards for Miss O--easy 3 letter words that he could spell on his own. And that led to him wanting to make cards for himself. So I suggested that he get out his Explode the Code Book 2 and copy some of the words from there, so that the spelling would be correct.

They both really loved this game, and I will leave the cards out for a while so that they have more chances to practice their reading. :)


The Activity Mom said...

Fun! Great idea!

Raising a Happy Child said...

It's so sweet that he wanted to do some words for his sister. It sounds like Miss O is way on her way to reading - YAY.

legendswife said...

what a good brother. It is such a blessing to see the enjoyment in our children's eyes:)

God bless

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