Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Hideaways

So, I've said before that we are using Winter Promise Hideaways in History for our history this year. Little Bean is REALLY enjoying Story of the World, and the historical picture books that go with this program. And the really fun part is that for each people group we study, we make a hideaway to go along with it (all this is planned for you with WP). Mind you, I have been collecting boxes and milk jugs for a few months now, and my garage looks like a recycling center, lol, but we are having a blast doing these hideaways, and my neighbors are benefiting from me passing them along as we go! ;) We are on week 4, and have made:

A cave with cave paintings in an alcove closet in our house:
An igloo. Thank you to all who donated milk jugs--we used every last one of them!! :)
The Great Wall of China:
And an Egyptian pyramid:

Good times!


htebazile said...

AWESOME!! Once we are done with our move I know what we'll be doing with all our boxes!!

Joelle said...

I love these!. Thanks for sharing.

Eva said...

wow that's amazing, I really want to try these out!! thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

I'm so excited to see you did/are doing Hideaways! We just got it and are going to start soon. Any tips? Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

Angela said...

Wow, what a great idea!! Now I wish we hadn't just recycled all those big boxes we collected over the winter.

I will have to figure a way to do the Great Wall of China once we study that, yours looks great!

mamabearscubhouse said...

oooooooooo! love it! how did you get the igloo to hold together? or did i miss that?

very cool!

Unknown said...

mamabear--we used hot glue! ;) That thing was indestructable! We ended up passing it along on craigslist for free.

Michelle Harris said...

How many milk jugs did you use to build the igloo?

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