Thursday, November 11, 2010

Color Lapbook--Finally Finished

Well the color lapbook I started with Miss O ages ago is finally finished and I'm finally ready to post about it! I ended making my own pieces for a lot of this lapbook, but I am not familiar with how to share files via my blog, so if you personally want any pieces, please contact me and I can send you the ones I've made. Others I did get from off the web and have resourced those at the bottom of this post.

This lapbook was a lot of fun for everyone, including me! We did a lot of projects to suppliment the learning and also checked out some books from the library about art and color concepts. We did the warms and cool colors collage, the primary colors quilt, experimented with making secondary colors and we did some work with constrasting colors. Click the links to see our projects!

Here is the inside of our lapbook--on the left we have a basic colors mini-book, below that a book about mixing colors, and below that our constrasting colors project. In the middle we have the color wheels I made, and a color wheel resourced at the bottom of this post. On the right, another printable, check below for resources.
This is the ABC colors book, I made this myself, where we tried to think of a color name for every letter in the alphabet.

Here we used this printable (see below for resource) to do shades of colors.
This skin tones one I made myself.
And then here we have warm and cool colors, earth tones and neutral tones, all of these I made myself.

Color Mixing Mini book:

RoyGBiv Printable:

Color Wheel:

Shades of color printable:

Cover Rainbow:

Color Wheel pie activity:

What Color Do You See?

Color Wheel Book:

I am an artist book:


Annette W. said...

Miss O looks so pleased with her lapbook...and like such a big girl!!

The Mom I Want To Be said...

It looks like you did a lot of fun activities! I like the ABC colors and shades of colors.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's awesome. I like the skin tones one. My kids are half Native American and half white so their family is all shades of the rainbow. We have practically every shade. It's great! That's a really good idea.

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