Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TOS Review--Travel Kits E-Book


As I mentioned before, I am on The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew this year and have the opportunity to review some great homeschooling products and share my opinions with you! It's finally time to get started with the reviews, and first up is a little TOS e-book all about Travel Kits.

You may be thinking travel kits are kits that you use when you travel, full of necessities like mini tubes of toothpaste, Q-tips, and travel-size deodorant. But this e-book is all about a different kind of travel kit--one that according to the author of this e-book is a simple way to bless others. I love the concept behind these travel kits; I think that the time and effort one puts into a kit like this really shows others how much they are loved and cared for. And what better way to build relationship with those who are close to you than to show them how much you care about them?

Travel Kits are basically gift packages that you prepare and share with loved ones who will be traveling. They are great for longer road trips, but can be tailored to shorter trips as well. Travel kits can also be customized for all age groups, or you can make one big kit for the whole family to enjoy together.

This 90 plus page e-book is packed with great ideas on how to prepare a travel kit for your loved ones. Some of the ideas that really popped out at me include:

--wrapping each gift in the kit individually. While this isn't the greenest thing to do, it makes the kit that much more exciting for the person opening it, and keeps up the suspense longer for those trips where you must be on the road for a good length of time. The author does give some wrapping tips that were more environmentally friendly (and cheaper) than using traditional wrapping paper.

--including things in the kit that are free. While the author talks a lot about finding inexpensive toys and games at discount stores for the kits, she also gives some really great free options that appealed to me personally. For instance, she suggested wrapping up some favorite books from the library or making an audio CD as a gift. She also suggested using printable games from online for the family to do while driving on that long road trip. All of these ideas really got me excited because they are free options that are still fun and new for the person opening them. The e-book has even more suggestions and ideas for free and purchased items to include that I would never have thought of on my own.

--ideas for opening the gifts in the travel kit. My first thought when I started reading the e-book was, "Aren't the kids just going to open everything in the first 5 minutes and then be bored for the rest of the trip?". But the author was one step ahead of me--she includes a long section on unique ideas for how to open the gifts--everything from how to label the gifts designated to each person to how to time the opening of gifts in interesting ways that heighten the sense of excitement and make the time traveling fun for all involved.

Overall, I thought this book had some great ideas; and while I was skeptical at first because I am not one to spend money on items that won't last or that will get lost or ruined quickly, I really appreciated the author's ideas about how to make a travel kit on a budget and use quality, long lasting items. The next time someone I know is planning a road trip, I know what I'll be doing for them!

There is much more to the book than I could ever explain here, so if Travel Kits are something that interest you, you can purchase the e-book for $12.45 by clicking here. The Old Schoolhouse Store has many other e-books for sale on all kinds of topics, so be sure to click around while you're there!

Please note: I received this product free of charge for the purpose of reviewing it and sharing my opinions with you. While I do get to keep the product, I was not compensated in any other way, and all my reviews represent my true feelings about the product.


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