Saturday, December 4, 2010

The grumpy pie watched a mug.

We got this Silly Rhymes game for Little Bean last Christmas, and now at 5.5 he is just starting to get into it. We picked this game up at the bookstore for around $8 to 10 dollars. On of the things I like about this particular set is that the parts of speech are color coded AND will only fit together when correct grammar is used. Each part of speech has particularly shaped edges to make this happen.
Little Bean has had a lot of fun making silly sentences up with this game and loves the rhyming aspect. Recently he did a huge run on sentence that stretched across the living room floor using the game pieces. We haven't actually played by the rules yet, but it does come with different variations of playing a turn-taking style game with the cards. This game would be great not only for beginning readers, but for teaching rhyming and parts of speech.


Four Little Penguins said...

We have a slightly different version of this game called "Making Silly Sentences" which my kids absolutely love!

The Arrowood Zoo said...

We love that game! My 7 year old wants it at least once a week!

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