Sunday, January 30, 2011

Household Management, A Job Offer and Packing

A truly random photo to go with my truly random post.

This is what I call a truly random post, full of random thoughts from yours truly.

I have realized that I am woefully unorganized, and I need to improve this. I have been spending the last few evenings after the kids are in bed making lists for a household management binder. Does anyone have one of these? I need ideas and would love to see photos of what you are doing in yours. I'm combining mine--both household issues and homeschooling issues.

My husband got a job offer. He went down to Oklahoma last week and had 5 interviews in 5 business days. So far he has one offer. We are hoping for at least one more. This is GOOD news!

Eh...packing. We will be downsizing when we move. I'm making piles. Keep. Sell. Give Away. Trash. The kids are coming in behind me with, "But mom, I love that! You can get rid of that!". Between homeschooling, therapy appointments and packing, I am exhausted. Today's sermon was about being diligent to REST in God. I think the pastor was speaking directly to me. I am happy, but I am too busy. Maybe this is what is driving me to get more organized.

That is all. How was your weekend??

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Corina said...

Congrats on the job offer!! I totally understand the exhaustion. My hubby decided this week that we need to move nearer his job. I'm totally behind him and have started packing/cleaning/giving away/throwing away......but it's very hard to keep up with schooling and everything else while I'm packing. Good luck!

Annette W. said...

Awesome on the job offer! Downsizing, I hear, can be liberating. When I moved when I got married and moved twice after marriage I was amazed at how much STUFF we have.

I wanted to share how I organize recipes. I don't use a binder, but I LOVE it. AND it could be put in a binder instead of standing in the cupboard like mine do.

Take 10 minutes this morning to read to the kids...FOR FUN...or read to yourself...or drink your coffee or something that you are not multitasking!!

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