Monday, February 21, 2011

Dollar E-book Sale--Good stuff!

This sale was going on a while back, and I missed it. Now it's on again, and I spent the better part of this evening filling up my cart with these e-books. There are some really great ones on there, and all of them are a dollar!

The catch is that after spending all that time carefully picking my choices, I couldn't check out. I don't know if the site is just super busy or what, but I sure hope that customer service gets back to me before the sale ends!

Here are the titles I chose:

Grammar Puzzles and Games Kids Can't Resist
Easy Make and Learn Projects: Human Body
Instant Map Skills: United States
All About Me Write and Read Books
Monthly Idea books for the 12 months of the year (sold separately)
Our Country Write and Read Books
Follow the Directions and Learn Grades 2 to 3
40 Graphic Organizers That Build Comprehension During Independent Reading
Let's Learn Mini-books Our Nation
Terrific Transitions
Skill Building Morning Jumpstarts

I sure hope they can resolve the check-out issue for me. These books are worth way more than a dollar a piece (the regular prices are between 4 dollars and fifteen dollars each)! If you decide to buy, will you come back and let me know if you were able to check out okay?

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Corina said...

I found out about the sale a few days ago and was able to check out without any trouble. Of course, then I had trouble getting them to download. I finally got it to work though and all is well - excited about my finds! : )

Four Little Penguins said...

Kick things out of your cart and buy in smaller batches. And keep trying. It took me awhile, but it eventually let me buy about 20 at a time.

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