Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: Roman Town Computer Game


As my regular readers know, I'm busy packing our lives into boxes right now. The kid's toys are pretty much all packed, the school stuff is all packed. There isn't much structure going on here at all right now. And with the toys all packed away, the kids are finding creative ways to keep themselves busy (think giant boxes with wiggly kiddos inside). Once in a while, when I need a little bit of quiet time, I can set up a computer game for them to play for a bit. One such game that Little Bean has been really enjoying is Roman Town.


Roman Town is a unique educational computer game created by a teacher and archaeologist. It's the only computer game that allows YOU to be the archaeologist. Students practice problem solving, thinking and reading skills as they excavate their dig site in ancient Rome. Students choose what kind of tools to use to uncover a find, and scrape away until they discover an object. Then the game provides them with a bit of background information on the object they have just found. Students can choose to learn more about the object or return to digging.


Little Bean is very history minded, and as we have done some study of Rome in our history program, this was a great refresher, and was fun for him as well. He would play this game every day, he likes it so much. I decided to make it a part of our behavior plan as a reward for him for earning 12 tokens (it takes him a day or two to do this) . I like that Roman Town is both educational, and fun for students. I believe that when learning is presented in a fun and engaging way, students retain more and are more motivated to learn. That has certainly been the case with Roman Town.

Roman Town is currently available for PCs, and comes as a CD-Rom. The cost of Roman Town is $39.95. BUT the makers of Roman Town have very generously provided the opportunity for my readers to get this game at a significant discount. Use the coupon code TOS2011 when you buy and you will get this game for $19.96.

To learn more about Roman Town, click here.

Note: I recieved this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. I am not obligated to give a positive review and all opinions are mine.


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