Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The new schoolroom

I just wanted to do a quick post on our new schoolroom. The house we rented was built in the 1960's, and the two car garage has since been converted into a second living area or den area. I LOVE this room! It's big enough to hold our couch and dining table (for schoolwork, not eating, of course!), as well as a bookshelf for all my resources, and a big closet which we use as our "garage" to store the stuff that would be in our garage if we had one! ;)

The schoolroom is a great size, and I know I am blessed beyond measure to have a space like this to homeschool the kids. I love that all my educational books and curriculum are able to be out in the open on a shelf. Rather than having to fill workboxes, this week I've been able to just post our schedule cards in a pocket chart on the wall and leave our books in their places on the shelves until needed. It's been working out alright so far.

So here are some pics:

There is a fire place in the corner of the room; this is the view from the fire place, looking out at the room.

This is my shelf, where I store all our school books, curriculum and educational books. There are markers and crayons on top, as well as our lapbooks, science kits, and various books I use for record keeping. You can see my laminator on that red tub. It hasn't found a home yet. Neither have my printer or computer! I use the pocket chart to keep Little Bean's schedule cards in. He moves them from the bottom row to the second to the bottom row as he finishes each topic. I'll have to do a post on the schedule cards soon.

This is a close up of the left side of my shelf. The top row is reading curriculum and handwriting, the bottom row is Bible, spelling and handwriting stuff.

This is the right side of my bookshelf. It has math, languages and unit studies on top, and history and science materials on bottom for the most part. I'm not the most organized person ever, and of course, this shelf wasn't built for my materials, so I did have to move things around a bit; they are not in perfect order, but for the most part are separated by subject area.

So that's our new schoolroom. Hopefully I can post pics of the house in general soon...still have to work on unpacking though!


Lea said...

Wow! You've already moved! I didn't know it was going to be so soon. Well, welcome to Oklahoma! I hope you all enjoy living here. You came at the right time because the weather is just now starting to be beautiful. Won't be long before everything is green or blooming.

I think I mentioned that I live in the Tulsa area. If you are near that area and have any questions (where could I find X) or just want to have an instant friend, shoot me an email (

I really like your new homeschool room and I love that couch!

Natasha said...

That looks awesome! Looking forward to some updates on how you all are doing in OK...been watching FB too. ;)

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