Friday, March 25, 2011

Row and Columns Game--Math

This is a math game from our math curriculum, Right Start.

Object: To make 15 using 2 or more cards.

Materials: basic number cards numbers 1 to 9, 4 of each number

To play: Lay out the cards face up in a 4 by 4 grid. The remaining is the stock pile. Players take turns finding as many sets of cards that equal 15 as they can. Sets can only be found in either a row or column. As the player finds sets (in the example above you see that Little Bean found 5, 5, and 5= 15 and 8, 1, and 6= 15), they remove them from the board. When no more sets can be found, the empty spaces are replaced with cards from the stock and the next player takes a turn. When no stock is left, players can find sets in any position (ie they can find sets that are not in rows or columns). If no sets are found by a player, the corner cards are swapped with cards from the stock and the next player takes a turn.
Thoughts: This was a fun one. I'm always impressed with the games that we learn with Right Start. Try this one with your kids and let me know how it goes!

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Elizabeth said...

We love RightStart! We're not quite to this level (just finishing up Level A) but my daughter loves the RightStart games, especially Go To the Dump and the Clock games that we've been doing recently. They're such simple little games but they're great for kids.

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