Friday, May 20, 2011

Good Grief!

If it's not one thing, it's another, it seems. We are still tied to California, and I don't mean in a good way. Here's my story, if you have advice, please give it, because I am fresh out of ideas.

Before we moved, my mom signed over the title of her car (which my dh had been driving) to us. Well, we mailed in the paperwork and the person assisting us apparently wrote the address down wrong because we never received the new title. We NEED the title to register our vehicle in Oklahoma. We called the DMV and confirmed, yes, they have mailed it to the wrong address, and now we must fill out a form requesting a duplicate title in order to get a new one.

Well, there is a fee for a duplicate title. We call again saying that we don't think we should have to pay since it is a DMV error. They say mail in a Statement of Facts along with the request for a duplicate title and they will send a new title out. Weeks go by. We cannot register our car in Oklahoma without the title, so my husband is driving around with CA plates.

Not so bad until--what do you know? Two months later no title has arrived. But a noticed of suspension of our registration from CA HAS arrived. No we didn't re-register there. Why would we? We moved to OK in February and intended to register before our CA registration ran out in April. But we couldn't do that--why? No title!! So now, dh is driving around with expired CA plates.

And they still won't send the title. We called again to find out what to do. They said the system shows that something is supposed to be coming in the mail for us, probably the title. Guess what it was?! Nope, not the title. A duplicate registration card that we never requested, which states that our registration is suspended. Wow. We know that. Where's the title though? Can't register without one, you know!

Ehh. Can you tell how over-the-top annoyed I am with this? Ideas, anyone??

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jackie said...

if you have AAA do it through them! they can do almost anything the DMV can do and i think requesting a title is one of them

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