Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tell me something that you ARE good at

Being a mom isn't easy. Being a mom in a state so far from home isn't easy. Being a mom to a child with special needs isn't easy. And so often I feel like I don't measure up. I can easily recount all the ways that I feel like I've failed as a mom, as a wife, as a woman, and just as a person. It's so easy to recognize and point out my flaws, but how often do I do the opposite? How often to I recognize the things I am good at? How often do you?

I've noticed that so many moms, wives, and women in general are down on themselves. They don't have a low self esteem really, but they are quick to point out their faults. Let's be different today. It's okay. Really, it is.

Let's tell about something we ARE good at. Or a few things.

Here's my list:
--I'm a good cook. I really am. So often I am afraid of what others outside our family will think of my cooking, but I'll tell you the truth--I've discovered that I'm actually pretty good at it.

--I'm a good teacher. I'm good at explaining things and using the resources that I have to make learning happen.

--I'm a good mom, I really do believe that. I think I was made to have a child with special needs. Most of the time I feel equipped. I'm intuitive and I'm more understanding than some would be in my situation.

So what about you? What are you good at?

Leave me a comment and tell me about it. And try not to tell me what you're not good at while you're telling me what you are good at! Easier said than done, I know!

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Annette W. said...

Great post. Hard, too.

I'm good at reading aloud to children. :)

Angela said...

It is hard at times to think of what you are good at. Let's see,

I'm good at graphic design

I'm good at being a daughter

I am a good mother and advocate for my special needs children.

Kirsten, Chris, Jacob, Sarah & Evan said...

I'm a good organizer
I'm good at looking after our family finances
I'm a good SAHM and housewife
I think I'm good at opening my heart and being a good friend

Lori said...

I am good at hospitality. I love having people in my house and don't obsess too much about how it looks.

I am good at functioning on very little sleep (7 week old...)

I am good at leaving all of the cabinet doors open in the kitchen as I cook...

I am good at taking care of my husband.

Natasha said...

I'm a good teacher.
I'm a good cook.
I'm a good organizer.
I'm good at being an "intentional" mom - everything I do, I do for a reason and I think ALL the time about how to make my kids' lives the best they can be. :)

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