Tuesday, August 9, 2011


People find their identity in different things. It could be in your career. It could be your education or a hobby. Or a religion. For me, it's always been my family.

I love my family.
I love being with them.
My husband is my best friend.
I love my kids. I love teaching them, raising them.
They are a part of me, and I am a part of them.

And family is a good thing.

But I realized something recently. It isn't enough. Our identity, my identity is meant to be defined in Christ, and in Him alone.

Someone said this to me the other day, having no idea at the time that I needed to hear it:she said that so often we ask God for a child, and when He gives us one (or two, or more), our whole world becomes about that child.

Maybe it's only me that struggles with this. I don't know. I don't struggle with drugs, or alcohol or being faithful to my husband or any of the "biggies" that are always mentioned in church. I've always thought, "How can loving my family be wrong?"

And it isn't wrong to love them. But to find my identity in them means that I no longer find my identity in the One who call me to Himself, the One who died for me, the One who brought me into His family. And that is wrong. It's idolatry.

I want to get back to the place where I'm finding my identity in Him, where I'm seeking His wisdom daily, not only so I can show my children what inexplicable joy a relationship with Christ brings, but so I can experience that joy myself.

I want to dance at His feet again.

If you can relate to what I've said here, pray for me, will you? I'd love that! :) And of course, if you let me know you are struggling too, I'd love to pray on your behalf. If you can't relate, that's okay too.

How about you? Do you ever feel this way?

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Annette W. said...

This post spoke to me very clearly. Yes, I'll be praying!

I am not done with it yet, but I'm reading God's Priorities for Today's Woman...very good. I just finished the husband chapter and look forward to the rest. I think it will help me to focus a bit more on HIM and less on the family/me...except in a way that honors Him.

Aspiring Earth Mama said...

This is exactly where I was last year at this time. Justifying my reasons for "idolizing" my family. Getting to know my first love, Jesus, all over again these past 8 months has been an amazing, wild ride. I highly recommend it. :) Will be praying...

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