Saturday, August 6, 2011

Miss O Reading Update

Do you remember last year when I reviewed Academic Success for All Learners Little Books set? Click here for links and my review. I started Miss O on that program, and she did great. They so generously sent me Sets 1 to 4 (out of 8), and believe it or not, she has only 3 more books in Set 4 to read before she is ready to move on. This should take 12 school days (approx.) since she read's each story twice and there are two stories in each book. She is reading really well, things like the Step Into Reading books, Level 3, Berenstein Bears, and Dr. Suess books; she is probably around a late first grade level now. BUT, she still needs reading instruction to kind of get her to the point of reading chapter books, and then I know she'll really fly!

So, with July being a 3 paycheck month we were left with some extra cash, and I was able to purchase the last 4 sets of the Little Books for her. They arrived last Thursday, and I am looking forward to seeing the success she will continue to have with reading using this curriculum.

My darling husband has so nicely made me some magazine holders (not pictured) out of the cardboard boxes that our Ziplock bags come in from Sams. Two boxes fits all eight sets quite nicely, and will be sturdier than storing them in the plastic bins they are in now.

Also, more to come soon on how Miss O is faring with Right Start Math, Level A. While Little Bean is soaring with this curriculum, and always has (he is now on Level C), Miss O, well, isn't. I am looking into what to do from here for her Kindergarten year in math.

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