Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's going on

I know, I know, I've been so MIA from my blog...but it's not for lack of fun things to share with you all! Recently we learned to play subtraction chain games in Right Start Level C. We made Spartan and Athenian magnetic paper dolls, we delved into creative writing with some fun projects and poems, we learned how bones and muscles work together to make our body move, and we played a neat fraction card game. All things I want to post about on my blog.

On the personal side, we are celebrating Little Bean's first loose tooth (and the adult tooth that is already coming in behind!), the baby's 3 month birthday and the piercing of her sweet little ears, Little Bean's amazing job selling popcorn for cub scouts (he came in 2nd in sales for his whole pack!), and the purchase of a brand new home, set to close in February!

In terms of reviews, I've got some good stuff coming up, reviewing that aforementioned fraction card game, a reading card game, a book on healthy living and nutrition for preschool and lower elementary, a math curriculum, and lots of other good things!

So though the blog is a little quiet, I hope you'll stick with me in this very busy time. If you do, I know eventually you'll be glad you did because I have lots of good stuff in mind, ...now all I need is the time to write it out!

How are things going with you??

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Angela said...

Congrats on the new home! We close on our new home November 30th. Life sure keeps us busy doesn't it?

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